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Because we have grown to be one of the largest installation contractors in the area, we also have the built one of the largest landscape supply yards in town just to serve our crews and would be happy to show you around and provide the materials, supplies and knowledge for your next DIY project! We stock boulders, flagstone, river rock, gravel, sand, topsoil, compost, mulches, pine straw, drainage materials, and other landscape building supplies. We work with the best vendors available to make sure we have what you need for the job. Whatever type of landscape, garden, or outdoor space you have envisioned you can bet Atlantic Coast has the best resources to make it happen. We have a wonderful relationship with a large network of professional nurseries/growers throughout the state and up and down the coast. We know exactly where to turn for the best quality plants whether it’s annuals, groundcovers, herbs, veggies, perennials, shrubs, or even trees that tower over 30’ tall. We even offer some bulk discounts and contractor pricing on certain products. Give us a call for your project needs!

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