What services do you offer?2020-11-23T22:22:33+00:00

We offer three main services. Landscape design/build, landscape management, and mowing. For clients wanting to develop their property we provide design and consultation services to create a thoughtful, beautiful, easy to maintain, and long lasting outdoor space. We source and supply the materials needed as well as provide landscape construction and installation services. What we don’t build ourselves we will either contract the work or refer a professional to you. Our hope is that in using us for the installation project you will use our professionals to care for it after it is installed. It is important to us to see that the landscape is maintained appropriately to fulfill the vision of the landscape plan. Our landscape management program offers monthly visits from a horticulture professional to maintain your plants and landscaped areas. Our mowing teams provide mowing and leaf removal services. Services such as turf care (weed control, fertilization, aeration, etc.), irrigation, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, stump grinding, tree removal, concrete, plumbing and electrical are subcontracted or referred to other companies.

What does a client typically spend on a service?2021-01-25T21:54:27+00:00

Design – A design client can spend anywhere between $50 and $3,000+ depending on their needs and the size and scope of the work. This may be done in house or with one of the landscape architects we work with. 

Landscape Installation – Our landscape install crew has a daily project goal of about $3,000.00. That figure includes a 10 hour work day with a 3-person crew, equipment, yard waste disposal fees, and a materials budget of $1,200.00. While we sometimes will take smaller projects and use them to fill small gaps between larger projects, we typically will advise clients to make the most of their money by adding to the scope of work to use our crew a full day. The logistics of moving people, equipment, and materials to different jobs sites are costly and take away from your budget if we aren’t able to spend the entire day on one site. Mentionable partners are; The Jarvis at 220, First Baptist Church, and Hampton Inn. We have a large portfolio of residential installations and can provide references and visits upon requests. 

Landscape Management – Our landscape management team (1-4+ persons depending on scope) focuses on bed maintenance and plant care. They will visit once per month (more frequently if requested) and apply pre and post emergent herbicide in the landscape areas, prune, apply broad spectrum insecticides and hand weed beds where we can’t control with herbicide. They mostly hand prune but will shear things as it is appropriate. Any special preferences regarding how formal you like the plantings maintained will put it in the notes for the crew. Your bill is for the time spent on site and will list the services provided for that visit. The labor is calculated in man hours, the truck and equipment for hours on site with a $25 minimum, and debris by the quarter dump truck load. This is all tracked with our software on each crews tablet/device and includes a geo-location time stamp to eliminate the possibility of our crew not being where they say they are. Obviously winter visits are typically much less expensive and peak growing season visits higher especially when everything needs to be pruned. We try to spread our time out between visits on tasks to keep the bill as consistent as possible but there will be fluctuations. If something big comes up we will let you know (i.e. – a specialized insecticide or fungicide treatment, mulching, severe pruning, or a large amount of storm debris). We also provide seasonal color changes, lighting, and limited irrigation maintenance per request. We truly provide an expert in the field for estate style gardening care on your property, and though it is an investment, we know we can enhance the beauty and value of your landscape for your home or business. Let us know if you have any questions! Mentionable partners are Lake Tyler, Hampton Inn, Centenary United Methodist Church, New Bern Federal Courthouse, and First Baptist Church. 

Mowing – Our mowing teams do just that. MOW! Their trucks are strictly set up to be as efficient as possible so we can offer a competitive price that is dependable, convenient, and professional. For residential service we typically do not travel outside of New Bern to keep our routes as dense as possible. However, if you have a property that is a few acres or more, give us a call, we would be happy to speak with you! Pricing starts as low as $513.00 for the entire year of mowing in select neighborhoods. Our commercial teams serve multi-family, HOA, development, commercial, industrial properties and more. Our wide area mowers in additional to typical commercial mowing equipment allow us to be the most productive and efficient in the area. Mentionable partners are Lake Tyler, International Paper, Craeberne Forest HOA, Hampton Inn, Courtyard Marriott, and First Baptist Church.

What do you do if it rains?2020-11-23T22:19:08+00:00

We put a lot of gears in motion when it rains. Our maintenance crews will usually attempt a delayed start if possible but if it is too wet then they will pick up the next day where they left off and keep going in the same order. We schedule four 10-hour workdays (Monday through Thursday) so we have a make-up day on Friday and if need be our crews will often work the weekend to catch back up. We currently don’t have any way of alerting all our maintenance customers of weather delays so if you have a concern about the schedule please call or email. For install clients we often have some jobs that we can move up and do despite the weather. When that is the case we will communicate with any clients whose projects are affected by changes in the schedule in the next two weeks. If there is lighting or severe weather we will not work and everything gets pushed back.

What do you do in the winter?2020-11-23T22:19:34+00:00

We get asked this one all the time! We WORK our butts off! We have the best team and we have to keep them employed full-time, year-round if we want to keep it that way. We work through some brutal conditions but there is plenty that can be done. We do offer a discount on labor during the off season to give clients some incentive to book with us then so feel free to ask about those winter discounts! Some of the winter projects we do are as follows;

  • Hardscape Projects
  • Landscape/Architectural Lighting
  • Overgrown Landscape Clean-ups
  • Mulching (we highly recommend and do a lot of mulch and pine straw after the leaves finish falling)
  • Snow Plowing, Shoveling and Ice Melt
  • Leaf Clean-ups
  • Spring Clean-ups
  • Drainage
  • Dormant Tree and Shrub Pruning
  • Dormant B&B Tree Planting
  • Landscaping and Sod (Most container grown plant material can be installed and dormant sod is also fine to install, especially if there is a erosion issue or if it is new construction and you need it for your certificate of occupancy)
Do you do background checks on your employees?2020-11-23T22:20:12+00:00

Yes, on a local, statewide, and national level. It is important to us to have people we can trust on our team. We are also a drug free workplace.

What type of training and education background do your employees have?2021-01-25T21:55:57+00:00

Our team has degrees in fields ranging from Horticulture, Business, Hospitality, Education and several vocational trades. We also do a wide range of continuing education and have received certifications from several trade associations and materials manufacturers. Some of these include; 

  • Aquascape Advanced Pond Building Certification 
  • Rainwater Harvesting Training Certification 
  • OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry Safety Course 
  • Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute – Concrete Paver Installer Certification 
  • ICPI – Advanced Concrete Paver Installer Training 
  • ICPI – Permeable Concrete Paver Installer Training 
  • Belgard Hardscapes – Permeable Concrete Paver Installer Training 
  • Techo-Bloc – Hardscape Installer Training 
  • National Concrete and Masonry Association – Segmental Retaining Wall Installer Certification 
  • FX Lighting Training 
  • Vista Lighting Professional Training 
  • North Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association – Energy Saving Landscape Certification 
  • NCNLA – Young Professional Leadership Award 
  • North Carolina Certified Plant Professional 
  • North Carolina Landscape Contractors License 
  • North Carolina Pesticide Applicators License 
Are you licensed?2021-01-25T21:55:39+00:00

We are a Corporate North Carolina Licensed Landscape Contractor – CL1003 and we have three active individual license holders on staff. We also have three licensed pesticide applicators on staff.

Are you insured?2020-11-23T22:21:21+00:00

Absolutely! Hiring anyone who is not insured puts you at serious risk of a major liability. We carry a significant amount of insurance for some of our commercial and industrial clients. This is a benefit to home and small business owners since we have excellent coverage for general liability, worker’s compensation, and auto. As a licensed NC Landscape Contractor, we also carry additional insurance to protect the client.

Do we offer free estimates?2020-11-23T22:21:47+00:00

Yes, if you decide Atlantic Coast might be a good fit for the work you are looking to have done we will gladly come visit you on site for a consultation and a free estimate. However, please understand that if you need one of our professionals to create a design, drawing, plan, or computer rendering that work does come at a fee. We do charge to travel if you are outside of New Bern at a rate of $1.50 per mile.

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